God has a way of sending blessing when you least expect it.

We have been in a bit of a tight spot recently, finance wise, and both my husband and I have been wondering just how we were going to manage. We have bills to pay, rent, cars to fuel and maintain, food and other grocery items to buy and our oldest is starting school next week so we have had the added expense of uniforms, stationary and school fees. Sometimes we are left wondering just how we are going to make it until the next time we get paid.

Then something happens, like my husband over budgeted for something and we ended up with a bit of extra money, or we receive a gift from someone or a group of someone’s, or we get paid a little bit more than what we thought we would get paid. The people who have given know who they are and we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts that you followed the Lord’s leading and allowed His love and his kindness to flow through you. 

Just the day before we received one of those gifts my husband and I had both had a talk with the Lord about trusting Him and waiting for Him to provide. Neither of us knew that the other had had this conversation with God, we only told each other after the gift had been given to us. But isn’t it wonderful how God can use these moments to really bless us and to establish our faith. When I think of the people God has used over the last couple of months I am reminded of this verse.

2 Corinthians 9:7 – Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, [so let him give]; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

Praise the Lord for those who are willing to be cheerful givers, I pray that the Lord would bless you greatly. We should be willing to listen to God’s gentle voice when it comes to giving to others, sometimes we may not feel we have anything that we can give but like the lady with the vial of oil and the little bit of flour fed her son and herself and Elisha in 2 Kings 4 for the whole of the famine, perhaps what we need is not more to give but more faith that God will meet our needs if we give what we have. 

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