Danger for Toddlers

So, I don’t usually get involved in political arguments or social debates, but when I read this article I was very upset. I am all for a program that is aimed at early intervention for bullying and domestic violence. What upsets me is that this particular program is aimed at exposing children to sexual content. These are children who still haven’t figured out that nose boogers are not a food group! These children are probably still innocent enough to take baths together and not really think anything of it. The Government (and some other interested parties) are trying to take these children and teach them about cross dressing, gender differences and sexual interaction. Now, as a victim of sexual abuse myself, I understand the importance of teaching kids to know what is appropriate behaviour and what is not. But it is disturbing that the Early Childhood Australia spokeswomen Clare McHugh was quoted as saying. 

“Children are sexual beings and it’s a strong part of their identity, and it is linked to their values and respect.”

Children ARE NOT sexual beings! Are they interested in their bodies? Yes! Are they interested in figuring out how the world around them works and how they fit into it? Yes! I read an article the other day about a little girl who has been allowed to live as a boy and even change her name because she insisted she was a boy. She is being monitored by Psychologists and Paediatric specialists and if, when she turns 10, she still feels she is a boy, she will begin hormone therapy to suppress her progression through normal female puberty. My 5 year old isn’t even at the point where he knows how to tie shoe laces. How on earth is he supposed to make an informed and intelligent decision about his sexuality when he doesn’t even know what that means. Children do not have the capacity to grasp these concepts properly and what is worse, these programs are eerily similar to how paedophiles and other sexual predators go about grooming their victims.

Kathryn Woolley, a health professional who has worked with growth and development in children from birth and upwards made this comment in a discussion on social media.

“Kids in childcare and preschool are simply not mature enough (physically, emotionally or sexually) to comprehend such things! The AGENDA of the program is obviously to normalise perversion by presenting it visually – so that in a few years these perversions can be presented at a deeper level! Groomed gradually – step by step! There will be no more paedophiles – they will now be called helpers fro confused children – displaying empathy and acceptance to these ‘lost’ kids! And kids will no longer sense danger – as they will have been taught it’s all normal! Shame on our society!”

And apparently rigid views on gender are associated with violence and domestic violence. I am sorry but regardless of someone’s views on gender and their roles in society, they still have the choice to be a decent person as opposed to a sadistic psychopath hell-bent on causing someone else pain and misery. The problem with society these days is that their are too many so called “human rights” activists who want to excuse people’s behaviour because they too are a victim to some degree. And while some consideration should be made regarding someone’s mental capacity, people need to be held accountable and responsible for their actions. If you, as a member of society, expect to be privileged with the rights that that particular society bestows on you, then you jolly well better accept your responsibilities as a law abiding citizen and a decent moral human being! If you are not going to do that then YOU FORFEIT YOUR RIGHTS. No ones rights should come at the expense of someone else’s.

It is NOT the Governments job to teach our children about gender identity and sexuality or domestic violence. Parents should be responsible for teaching children about sex and normal and appropriate behaviour. Parents should be teaching their children how to treat others with respect and kindness. And it is OUR RIGHT to be able to teach OUR CHILDREN about these things WHEN and HOW we feel it is appropriate to broach these delicate subjects with our children. Programs such as these undermine parental rights and parental authority. We need to stand up for our children and also for our rights as parents to be able to teach them in the way that we deem best.