Have faith and be kind

Hi everyone, sorry that it has been so long since my last post. We have had so much happen these last few months that it would be impossible to tell everything here in such a short time. We have been through a marriage counseling course this year which has been a blessing. We have both grown and matured spiritually and as people. I would recommend that everyone do a marraige counseling course every couple of years, I think it is good to sit down with a non-bias third party and evaluate your relationship. 

My husband is again unfortunately without a job so he is again searching for work which so far has not turned up anything. And he is unable to drive until he gets medical clearance from a neurologist (he had a period of night seizures) which has been very difficult for him.

And more recently we have been through some personal/family hardship which I cannot detail but it has hurt…a lot.

When these things happen in our lives it can be very difficult to keep our focus where it should be, and it can be even more difficult not to let our hurt turn into bitterness and resentment. Making sure that our hearts are in the right place helps us to put everything into perspective. It is very rare that people will maliciously intend to hurt you and we must take care to keep that in mind. Pride and believing ourselves to be in the right can often hinder any attempt at reconciliation. Trust God, trust that he has a plan and a purpose for you, even through the hurt and hard times. And be willing to forgive and reach out in love to those who have hurt you.

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